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    The Long Baseball Season

    By Lincoln Mitchell Major League Baseball released its schedule for 2015 this week. This is the kind of late season event that is only of interest to the most intense fans. Not too many casual observers of the game are interested in knowing who their team will open against next April, whether their team will be home over July 4th or when their team will first meet their most hated rival in 2015. Nonetheless, the schedule is a reminder of both the length and complexity of the baseball season as it is now constructed. The regular baseball season now extends over six full months, …read more Source:: Huffington Post Sports

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    Developing a Career in Sports in the UK

    By Barty Schneider In 2010 research was published showing that growth of the sports sector in England had outstripped the UK economy and that the number of people with sports related jobs had reached 441,000, nearly 1.8% of all employment in England. Sport and fitness covers a large sector of employment comprising professional, commercial and voluntary sports clubs, leisure centres, swimming pools, gyms and fitness clubs and Stadia. These are run by a variety of Local Authority services, Trusts, private operators and voluntary or community organisations. The great news for people considering developing a career in this industry is that the workforce has a high proportion of young people working within…

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    How to Prepare for This Year’s Fantasy Football Draft

    By Blake Klosterman One of the most intimidating parts of playing fantasy football, especially for the newbie, is the draft. How do I make sure I make the right selections in the right order? How do I avoid making a goofy move that becomes the joke of the 2013 season? The answer is proper research and preparation. As with every other aspect of life, the more prepared you are the easier is it to execute your game plan and do it with confidence. This article is aimed to give you a guide on why preparation is important, when it makes the most sense to prepare, and how to actually do the…

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    Great Golfing Tips for Beginners

    By Johnny Drama Even though it’s simple to find golfing tips for beginners on the Internet, various reports along with training systems skip over a number of portions that are significant for new golf players. Here are a couple of the lesser-known golfing tips for beginners. Before everything, it’s essential that you select the right golf clubs. Kids and juniors require clubs that are sized accurately for their height. Many youthful participants attempt to learn using their parents’ clubs, but this isn’t a good way to learn the skills younger players want, and could even lead to poor swing practice. An extra overlooked golfing tip for beginners is to learn and…

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    Three Secrets You Want to Know to Playing Your Best Tennis

    By Dr. Ossil V MacAvinta There are so many millions of people who play tennis everyday throughout the world. They play in public parks, country clubs, private tennis courts, and anything in between (i.e. against a wall). Tennis is the only sport I know that begins with love and is a sport for a lifetime. I remember the great Sugar Daddy, Bobby Riggs who said in one of the many tennis clinics he taught, “Tennis is a sport you can play from cradle to grave.” Why do people enjoy playing tennis? I believe because it is a classy sport. It is a sport you can play for as short as 15…

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    Can the Seahawks Live Up to the Hype?

    By John Agnew With the 2013 NFL season only a couple short months away, the entire country seems to be gearing up for the most exciting time of the year. There is always disagreement on who will be the best team in the NFL but the Seahawks seem to be at the top of many people’s list. After finishing the season on a high note with plenty of fresh young stars who have proven themselves on both sides of the ball, there seems to be very few reasons why they shouldn’t make it deep into the playoffs. After an impressive rookie season at quarterback, Russell Wilson’s work ethic and perfectionist attitude…

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    Learning From A Nerd

    By Jim Bain The leaders of Society, whoever they are, have taken upon themselves to deem stereotyping people as an absolute sin performed by illiterate people. I, however, have found some forms of stereotyping to not only be a compliment to the target, but worn as a badge of courage and accomplishment by the person. So where am I going with this? I simply wish to draw attention to the fact a Jock (stereotype) can learn a tremendous amount of valuable information from a nerd (another stereotype) which will help him excel in his sport. Let’s use a baseball player attempting to ask the coach how to become a better hitter.…

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    The Sea Devils Sting the Dolphins and Get a Win

    WILMINGTON | The rivalry between Cape Fear Community College (14-15 overall, 5-8 Region 10) and Brunswick Community College (14-15, 4-9) never disappoints. “I think it’s a fun game for the boys. I think it gives them an extra oomph of energy before the game,” CFCC head coach Ryan Mantlo said pre-game. With Brunswick Community College winning the first matchup earlier this season, this was the redemption game that the Sea Devils were craving. The Sea Devils satisfied their craving with a win vs. Brunswick Community College Wednesday night, 60-56. In the first half both teams struggled to get things rolling. With Rakeem Wilson sidelined due to a hand injury, sophomore…

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    Blake Griffin the Human Highlight Reel

    Is Blake Griffin really as good as Sports Center top 10 plays are making him seem? Something I have wanted to write about for awhile now. First I want to state that I think Blake Griffin is a highly talented player with upside, but is he a great NBA player? If you take his explosive dunking ability away, he does not have much to work with. Many were hoping he would come back after the lockout with an improved jump shot but Griffin’s mid-range jump shot is still decent at best. More or less, I believe his career will consist of huge dunks and highlight reels but no championships or MVP’s.…