September 25, 2020

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Are the Los Angeles Clippers the Real Deal?

Althoughthe Los Angeles Clippers are a hard act to follow, many critics and NBA fansare not sold on the idea of a high flying offense accompanied by a decentdefense actually making some noise in the Western Conference. 

With Blake Griffin catching lobs night in and night out, there is stillsomething missing with this highly talented Clippers team. If you are luckyenough to catch one of their games you will see their talent on full display.But how can one of the most enjoyable teams to watch in the NBA not make it tothe playoffs? Well that’s the question being asked by myself and analyst alike.
While BlakeGriffin and Chris Paul are the obvious leaders of the team; does that even needto be stated? The true test for the Clippers will be the depth of their bench.When the time comes they really to step up and make some plays. The true benchleadership will come from the crafty veteran Chauncey Billups. Right now he isaveraging 14.9 points per game, 4 assist, and close to 3 rebounds.
If he canlead the bench players to step up their game, then this may be a contendingyear for the Clippers.This seasoncould be bright for the Los Angeles Clippers, if they can play up to thepotential needed to excel at a high level. But the true test will be the lateseason play by their bench players.
Zachary James
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