September 25, 2020

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Blake Griffin the Human Highlight Reel

Is Blake Griffin really as good as Sports Center top 10 plays are making him seem? Something I have wanted to write about for awhile now.

First I want to state that I think Blake Griffin is a highly talented player with upside, but is he a great NBA player? If you take his explosive dunking ability away, he does not have much to work with. Many were hoping he would come back after the lockout with an improved jump shot but Griffin’s mid-range jump shot is still decent at best. More or less, I believe his career will consist of huge dunks and highlight reels but no championships or MVP’s.

Yes Griffin is young, and I’m sure will improve as he continues to work on different aspects of his game but for now he is reminding me of a glorified Shaun Kemp.

Zachary James
Talk Sports Media