October 27, 2020

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Cam Newton and The Carolina Panther’s getting over looked?

With all the great quarterback play happening in the 2011 NFL season, many stand out players are getting lost in conversation. All you seem to hear about is Tim Tebow’s will to win, or Drew Bree’s knack for putting up substantial amount of passing yards. Something not being brought to everyone’s attention is the movement that happening down south in the Carolina’s. The Panthers Cam Newton has stormed the NFL shocking many critics in the process.
Newton has starred down the barrel of many top teams with poise and confidence. Newton faced many challenges throughout the season; challenges such as playing the (13-1) Green Bay Packers in only his second NFL game, playing the (9-3) Atlanta Falcons twice, the (11-3) New Orleans Saints and the (10-5) Houston Texans. These are steep challenges for the 22 year old rookie and the Carolina Panthers to face. Statistically Newton played solid putting up a total of; 1,318 passing yards, 7 touchdowns/ 9 interceptions and still managing to rush for 3 touchdowns and 218 yards. Although these statistics are not perfect, take account the teams he put these numbers up against; these are all perennial playoff teams season in and season out.
While Newton and the Panthers fell short of the playoffs this year, many believe including myself, the Carolina Panthers will be a top contender in the NFL in upcoming years. Taking nothing away from any other QB in the league, just simply take notice to the roar Newton is Generating in Carolina.