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    Can the Seahawks Live Up to the Hype?

    By John Agnew With the 2013 NFL season only a couple short months away, the entire country seems to be gearing up for the most exciting time of the year. There is always disagreement on who will be the best team in the NFL but the Seahawks seem to be at the top of many people’s list. After finishing the season on a high note with plenty of fresh young stars who have proven themselves on both sides of the ball, there seems to be very few reasons why they shouldn’t make it deep into the playoffs. After an impressive rookie season at quarterback, Russell Wilson’s work ethic and perfectionist attitude…

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    Potential NFL Star Robert Griffin III

    Robert Griffin III says he will not throw at the NFL scouting combine. I assume the reason for this is because he did not want to be over shadowed by the technical quarterback in Andrew Luck. During the NFL scouting combine he will only be displaying his forty yard dash time and participating in team interviews.  This could play out in Robert Griffin III favor. If RG3 stays away from getting compared to Andrew Luck during these scouting sessions, it may lead to less doubt from critics. For myself I think Robert Griffin III is a highly talented athlete with a quick release and cannon for an arm. But is…

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    Will Eli Bump Peyton Off The Manning Quarterback Throne?

    If Eli succeeds at winning his second Super Bowl vs the New England Patriots, I think that would seal his legacy as the best Manning to ever play the game of football. All Eli needs to do is go out on the football field and drive his New York Giants team to a victory. That would remove the shadow that Eli has been playing under for years. Now it’s game day and all that is left to do is watch and wait for the game to unfold. I hope everyone enjoys Super Bowl XLVI. Zachary JamesTalk Sports Media

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    The Road of Never Giving Up; Alex Smith

    Alex Smith has battled through more ups and downs throughout his NFL career then most. Smith has never slowed down nor has he taken anybody’s negativity to heart. The 49’ers are having their best season in ten years. This is something to be credited to the coaching staff and Alex Smith. Alex Smith has not had any stability in the organization, so it’s understandable for his demise in recent years. As you can see with a little encouragement and stability Alex Smith can be one of the top QB’s in the League. Against the Saints one of the highest powered offenses in the NFL this year, Smith went score for…

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    No Chance for Penn State’s New Head Coach Bill O’Brien

    After everything that has been swarming around the Penn State facilities some would think there would be a sense of relief with the new hire of head coach Bill O’Brien. That’s not the case; O’Brien has received far from a warm reception and has generated a media frenzy. With Sandusky going through court and legal battles and Joe pa’ battling his own set of personal and health issues, many thought the new hire would be the first step to putting this dismal season behind the university. People close to the organization have spoken on Penn State’s new head coaching hire. Most Notably former Penn State linebacker Lavar Arrington, he stated…

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    Why was Justin Blackmon not a Heisman finalist?

    If you were watching the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl last night, then you observed an amazing performance by OSU’s Justin Blackmon. Blackmon was not able to practice the majority of the time leading up to the Fiesta Bowl due to an infection in his leg. Blackmon was still able to over shadow the quarterback machine and Heisman runner up Andrew Luck, racking up 8 catches for 186 yards, averaging 23.3 yards a catch and scoring 3 touchdowns. Blackmon accounted for more than half of Oklahoma States points. This is not your typical receiver, the power and agility combination that this athlete possesses is unheard of. He gets in and out of…