October 31, 2020

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CFCC vs. USC Sumter a NJCAA Showdown

Before the game I had a chance to speak with head coach RyanMantlo asking him if there were any different strategies since the last gameagainst USC Sumter, he said “You know I think it’s just the same thing, boilsdown to us playing and executing and just focusing on the small things”.
After the National Anthem both teams were fired up and readyfor action Friday night. Cape Fear controlled the pace throughout the firsthalf. The ball movement was impeccable, and they seemed to keep USC Sumter offbalance.
The majority of the first half the Sea Devils bench waschanting “defense” and the players really responded holding USC Sumter to only15 points.
The players had an extended halftime because of homecomingnight. Both teams seemed to come out of the game a little out of sync and cold.But nonetheless, Cape Fear got things rolling in no time.
One of the big contributors Friday night was the 6-foot-7-inchfreshman, Tony Menton. He had been averaging 4.5 points a game, but this gamewas different. Menton turned it on, having a big game scoring a team high 19points. Menton was everywhere, catching a beautiful lob in the second half fromEmmanuel Andrews causing the entire gym to erupt.
Cape Fear was up by 20 points the majority of the secondhalf, with USC Sumter attempting to make a few late game runs, but could neverpull it together.
As you watched the game you could see Cape Fear gettingtired. Coach Mantlo called a few timeouts to gather his team, giving them a fewwords of motivation. This pushed his team to dig deep and finish the gamestrong. Coach Mantlo said post game, “I think that we got a little tired at theend, but it was a good all around effort. We need a win. I’m really happy.”
The final score was 69-50 giving Cape Fear a huge win that willboost the team’s moral, giving them a chance for a late season run.
If you want to catch the Sea Devils men’s basketball team inaction, they are on a home stretch until February 29th. So come outand support your Sea Devils. 
Zachary James
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