October 27, 2020

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Has Tiger Woods Lost the Touch?

After watching the pebble beach pro-am yesterday, I could not help but wonder what happened to the “old” Tiger Woods. He couldn’t putt the ball in the hole. Tiger seemed frustrated and off balance throughout. “I didn’t hit it as bad as the score indicated, but I putted awful,” Woods said after the round. Even Tiger Woods knows he is playing subpar golf.
The first three rounds he didn’t shoot a score over 69 but in the Sunday’s round he put up a dismal 75 knocking him back from 3rd to 15th place. So the question is what?  What can golf fans hope for? Can and will Tiger Woods ever restore the dominance he once exhibited.For myself, I think the Tiger we grew to love is a thing of the past. We may never see someone grace the game of golf as he once did. So pull out the old highlight tapes and enjoy, because we have seen the last of the legend.

Zachary James
Talk Sports Media