September 25, 2020

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Lebron James Performance Against the Golden State Warriors

How can an athlete such as Lebron James become the target of such scrutiny. Well that is exactly it; he is a star. For years we as fans of the great sport of basketball have been putting our athletes under turmoil.Lebron has led the Miami Heat to a blazing 8-2 start. So when Lebron has a sub par performance in the 4th quarter most tend to jump the gun. Lebron is averaging roughly 30 points a game with 8 rebounds and 8 assist. He is arguably having a MVP type of year, but does not get noted for it.

Before jumping the gun and tossing the entire season under the rug over one bad performance. Lebron James is a stellar athlete with many great performances, but he is not perfect and expecting perfection is not the route that needs to be taken. He has worked hard on his post game and many other aspects. So sit back and enjoy the talent.