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    Why was Justin Blackmon not a Heisman finalist?

    If you were watching the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl last night, then you observed an amazing performance by OSU’s Justin Blackmon. Blackmon was not able to practice the majority of the time leading up to the Fiesta Bowl due to an infection in his leg. Blackmon was still able to over shadow the quarterback machine and Heisman runner up Andrew Luck, racking up 8 catches for 186 yards, averaging 23.3 yards a catch and scoring 3 touchdowns. Blackmon accounted for more than half of Oklahoma States points. This is not your typical receiver, the power and agility combination that this athlete possesses is unheard of. He gets in and out of…

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    Tebow Loses but The Maddness Continues

    We all witnessed the performance Tim Tebow put on in the Broncos vs Cheifs game. Tim Tebow had a lackluster game throwing for only 6 completions with 22 pass attempts, lobbing up a end of the game INT to top. Can Tebow quarterback in the NFL? That’s the question that is being buzzed around in the NFL. I think Tebow is a wonderful inspiration to many people and is also a great guy, but as far as being a productive quarterback in the league; i think not. The Denver Broncos are probably the worst team i have ever seen win a division. He has slowly declined in the last 3…

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    Record Breaking NFL Season

    Watching the Carolina Panthers vs the New Orleans Saints game, i’m beginning to realize how much this game has evolved. Records that have been held for 20+ years are getting shattered. Notable records broken: Drew Brees all time yards passed for in a season; Cam Newton all time rushing touchdowns for a QB; Jimmy Graham all time receiving yards for a TE; and on the defensive side of the ball Jared Allen is .5 QB sacks away from a tie for the all time sack record. This is an amazing season to take notice of and enjoy. Who knows when we will witness another season like this one; next year.

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    Cam Newton and The Carolina Panther’s getting over looked?

    With all the great quarterback play happening in the 2011 NFL season, many stand out players are getting lost in conversation. All you seem to hear about is Tim Tebow’s will to win, or Drew Bree’s knack for putting up substantial amount of passing yards. Something not being brought to everyone’s attention is the movement that happening down south in the Carolina’s. The Panthers Cam Newton has stormed the NFL shocking many critics in the process. Newton has starred down the barrel of many top teams with poise and confidence. Newton faced many challenges throughout the season; challenges such as playing the (13-1) Green Bay Packers in only his second…

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