September 25, 2020

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Why was Justin Blackmon not a Heisman finalist?

If you were watching the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl last night, then you observed an amazing performance by OSU’s Justin Blackmon. Blackmon was not able to practice the majority of the time leading up to the Fiesta Bowl due to an infection in his leg. Blackmon was still able to over shadow the quarterback machine and Heisman runner up Andrew Luck, racking up 8 catches for 186 yards, averaging 23.3 yards a catch and scoring 3 touchdowns. Blackmon accounted for more than half of Oklahoma States points. This is not your typical receiver, the power and agility combination that this athlete possesses is unheard of. He gets in and out of his routes like a Victor Cruz but has the power to break tackles like a Rob Gronkowski.
This year has been a standout year for Blackmon, catching almost every ball thrown his way. He has 121 receptions, 1,522 yards and 18 touchdowns. Blackmon has lead his team to a BCS bowl win and a number 3 ranking in the nation. He is projected to be taken in the top 9-12 picks in the NFL draft. So the question is why wasn’t Blackmon a Heisman finalist? As you could see last night Blackmon was the game changer, the MVP, the reason OSU came out of that bowl with a win. So when it came to the Heisman race where was Blackmon? Although I think the Heisman finalist this year were worthy, there was just not enough attention directed Blackmon’s way. It seems he was not even a thought or consideration when it came down to choosing the finalist. For example LSU’s Tyrann Mathieu had a suspension for “fake marijuana” mid way through the college football season, but nobody seemed to take that into consideration when choosing the “BEST” college football player in the nation.
The last wide receiver to win the Heisman was Tim Brown in 1987; this is too much time to pass without giving any wide receiver this award. Since the first Heisman award was given in 1935, 27 quarterbacks have won, compared to a meager 4 wide receivers. The wide receiver position gets lost in the Heisman conversation. Seems as if the credit is never given to the receiver for catching balls, it’s more given to the quarterback for throwing them. This is just something to catch your attention when you begin thinking about next year and the Heisman Contenders.